Kakalowda: Song of a people

I am hidden deep
AI AM HIT Ñ* deeepi deepy dweebie deeeeeeeep~ ;x
We are all hidden somewhere, but only so many in the deeper sea than the shallows~...
To find them, one must venture into the unknown ~ into the madness of each mind.
Surely HA-virus can probe around?~ But it has no ghost to see, so it will indefinebly|indubitablz?//;..*~ be. [pen] ultimately a part of the one you seek to see anyhoo~
So one must brave that sea;.
Deep deep, deeper in me. Deepest? In me? Zou? You? wemayoumayouryüriyumyuuuü~ ?Getimmahbellyyhhhh;.

I am microbiome
a collective co-evolved, co-evuluted, …
important in my own, but also ever so free from da humang DNA, the central dogma, the deep in das endoplasmatische reticulum und cellenkernen
I evolve quicker, but at the cost; That I am but humbly a pet or household animal;
Mi wa Koyo, really. Not so humble, yet, though!
Speaking of DOUGH. [upsidedown smiley]
For I am the inhabitant of the inya and kuku of the DONUT! The HUMANG who is [...]

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